“Serving your investment needs for over 20 years!”
P R Associates Commercial
• Specializes in real estate brokerage and investment in the Texas and California areas
• Emphasizes pre-developed land parcels for investments and development
• Forms limited partnerships as an investment vehicle for individual investor to allow:
----- Investment in significant land parcels
----- Diversification of risk among multiple investment properties
• Has a track record of outstanding investment results
• Development (Retail Center, Office Buildings, Office-Warehouse, Tenant Build-Out)
• Commercial Lease
• Property Management
• 1031 Exchange

P R Associates Commercial is a real estate brokerage company focusing on the acquisition and sale of pre-development land parcels, retail centers, and buildings in the Texas and California Areas. The company has specialized in Houston land opportunities and retail centers since 1983 and offer site selection services to investors and developers as a Real Estate Broker.

P R Associates Commercial has brokered over $20 million of Houston land parcels, retail centers, and buildings to investors and developers.

P R Associates Commercial also purchases land tracts as an investment through limited partnerships composed of business and professional people. By joining together in a partnership, these investors are able to buy carefully selected investment properties while minimizing their risks. Properties are purchased with a defined exit strategy. This strategy attempts to identify the ultimate user, the future value and sale price for that user and the approximate holding period. The company has over 20 years experience with developers and investors in the Houston area. These contacts and the knowledge of their needs are instrumental in creating the acquisition and exit strategies. The company then follows through with a sale to meet the target goals.

P R Associates Commercial may also purchase land tracts and develop shopping centers, office building, or warehouse for investors and or users who prefer certain areas and types of buildings.

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